Hypnotic Art Tattoo is one of the best tattoo studios in Central England.

200 Queensway, Bletchley, Milton Keynes
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As a family we are proud to have an extensive knowledge of tattooing and each member of our team specialise in diffrent styles to suits our customer needs...

The original meaning of the tattoo was ritual. In many cultures, only a few - usually tribal warriors - could afford it. In Polynesian cultures, where the tattoo...

We get inspired by our clients’ life stories, their desire to express their unique sense of self-worth, their passion for their dreams and their feelings for loved ones...

Sometimes we change our minds about our past decisions and if one of them was a tattoo that you no longer like or even more - you hate it, there is a fix for that…



Marek “Unfamous” Haras. Creator of Hypnotic Art Tattoo Studio Milton Keynes. Marek started his journey with tattoos in 2011. He's passionate about art, drawing and photoshop. See Marek's art in Gallery


His adventure with art started early in life. Greg found out that painting on the canvas and skin was his funk. He’s famous for monochromatic badass tattoos in intense red & black. See Greg's art in Gallery


One the best New school, geo, dot work and manga tattooists around. Delivers bright and amazing tattoos that pop with colour, inspired by pop culture, anime, & cartoons. See Tomato's art in Gallery


Jay specialises in colourful tattoos, abstraction and motifs inspired by heroes from the comic books and the characters from the world of celebrities. Easily blends cartoon and realism. See Jay's art in Gallery


Ralfy started his adventure with tattoos in 2014. He creates designs that shine through in his bright and bold animal and human portraits, nature snippets, hyper realism and more. See Ralfy's art in Gallery


Originally from Italy, Gloria Manzillo aka Starletink, showed a keen interest towards art since young age. She’s killing it with her avant-garde & abstract designs that burst with colour. See Gloria's art in Gallery


Junior tattoo artist in our shop. Jacob started as a body piercer and was tattooing soon after. Really good at Old School, Neo traditional, and also practices any line-based tattoos. See Jacob's art in Gallery


Toso joined us in 2018. His favourite style is Japanese with addition of neo traditional elements. He loves new school tattoos too. He is also our specialist in Laser tattoo removal. See Toso's art in Gallery


Our happy clients






Years in business


Great experience with my cover-up tattoo. Pricing is good and completely justified in the quality of what you get. Very clean and professional inside and the artists really know what they're doing. No short cuts with quality of materials they use. I am impressed how good is protective foil they use to cover you new tattoo. works very well. Strongly recommended

~ Grzegorz,


I could say so many positive words about hypnotic art so I'll keep it simple otherwise my review will be endless. So very talented, friendly....talented....artistic....talented....Did I say artistic and talented?

~ Katy,


Awesome tattoo parlour! I sent over my ideas and explained what I wanted. When I arrived I was told that they wouldn’t just copy a tattoo from someone else so they took the time to create me my own unique tattoo. I get compliments on the detail and colours in my tattoo on a daily basis! Thanks guys! I will be back when I have the urge for another tattoo!

~ Claire,



We are skilled professionals who are crazy about art

Our Tattoo Shop is based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.
Getting inked is an important decision in life.
Discover why open-mindedness can be of benefit if you are unsure of what kind of design you like the most.
Best results happen when flexibility and creativity is embraced, here at Hypnotic Art Tattoo shop – we are wild and creative, but we are also keen listeners.
We are the best and the safest place to come to.
Our tattoo artists will bring your idea to life so you can wear your dream tattoo proudly on your skin.